57: Spotted Hyenas (ft: Moxie from Your Brain on Facts)

57: Spotted Hyenas (ft: Moxie from Your Brain on Facts)

CritterCast family- it’s Episode 57 and we’ve got a fun one in store for you! But first we want to address what’s going on in the world. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is in the spotlight once more and we’re offering complete support. It would be irresponsible not to use our platform to help elevate the stories and shows of black and other POC creators. So that’s what we do, but in true CritterCast form.

We also have a full 1 hour episode ALL about Spotted Hyenas with a very special guest host Moxie, the host and author of Your Brain On Facts! Moxie shares with us the fascinating and disturbing world of spotted hyena anatomy and mating. We learn about their complicated social structure and why, yet again, Disney got it wrong.

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