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52: Greenland Sharks

52: Greenland Sharks

Oh, hi! Nice to see you again, or hear you again, or have you listen to us again? However you want to put it, we’ve been radio silent for a hot second but we’re BACK with Episode 52 discussing a critter you probably have never heard of. But isn’t that what we do best? This episode we’re diving right down to the deep sea to talk about Greenland Sharks. While we may not know a ton about them, we certainly know that they are some really weird, really ancient sharks and that is enough to send us into a research frenzy.

This episode features a promo for the You Totally Made That Up podcast and spotlights on adoptable dogs from Austin Pets Alive!









11: Great White Sharks

11: Great White Sharks

What makes Great White Sharks so great? This week Cassie and Koreena dive into the mysterious lives of the most seaspicious of ocean-dwelling creatures: the GREAT. WHITE. SHARK! Are they terrifying, soulless killing machines, or the world’s most badass single moms? Listen, and cast your votes!